Beef Rendang

Award winning recipe made by the master of rendang herself. Using lob cut beef and multi generation signature secret chilli paste. A mesmerizing blend of vibrant culture and intense, bold flavors.

Other Signatures

Ayam Lemak
A Chopstix and Rice staple. Chicken simmered in golden curry, and tantalizing notes of bird's eye chilli, kaffir lime leaf, and lemongrass a true reflection of indonesia's vibrant spirit

Ayam Goreng Belado
Fried chicken finished with the vibrant home made Belado sauce. A tantalizing medley of fiery red chillies , tangy lime, and piquant spices

Assam Fish Head
Fresh red grouper assam fish head stewed in tangy tamarind, aromatic laksa leaves and luscious home made chilli paste

Sayur Lodeh
Madam Loij's best well kept secret a tantalizing Indonesian masterpiece that envelopes tofu, long beans and turnips, simmered in signature home made paste